Why KDL?

Unparalleled access to pathologists, speed and accuracy are all hallmarks of KDL OneSource services. KDL has a proven track record of client satisfaction, and our quality assurance guarantee ensures every specimen is a priority.

Why choose KDL first?
KDL pathologists routinely receive problem cases after they have been previously submitted to other laboratories. This results both in diagnostic delays and multiple lab charges to the patient. KDL sub-specializes in histology and special testing for dermatological and ophthalmic issues, as well as surgical pathology, with dedicated lab resources and staff in-house to get you accurate results faster, with less cost and worry to your patient.

  • Board-certified sub-specialists
  • Conservative use of ancillary testing
  • All biopsies & excisions processed on-site
  • Direct phone line to KDL Pathologist who signs out your case
  • Customized reporting options, with EMR interface and web access capabilities
  • Bar coding system for case/slide identification speeds results and accuracy
  • Reports available within 24 hours of specimen receipt
  • Complementary direct billing of insurance or patient

Patient Centered
Making KDL your primary choice for all skin and surgical biopsies saves both time and money, placing the focus where it should be: Quality Patient Care. Melanoma and other skin-related diseases are complex, and a misread specimen can have serious consequences for a patient. The ability of more challenging cases to be quickly reviewed by several specialty pathologists immediately on-site enhances the speed and quality of the diagnosis. No patient should be turned away due to high medical costs or laboratory charges. We are sensitive to the fact that some patients have no insurance or high deductible insurance plans. Please call us if these patients need special attention to their bills or if you have questions or concerns.

News and Events

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Diagnostic Update

KDL now providing FDA-approved BRAF testing for all metastatic melanomas. More

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