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KDL offers the latest in whole-slide imaging technology.

KDL can share digital images of microscopic slides directly online with the pathologist, clinician or laboratory. Send us the specimen, block or slide as well as digital consultation request on challenging or interesting cases, and we do the rest. Images are rapidly available online for real-time discussion, shared viewing or export into your reporting system.

Contact KDL to obtain your unique user name/password for free assess to the digital pathology portal (865.584.1933 or

KDL Consultation – Digital Advantage
Expand your subspecialty coverage by adding KDL dermatopathology to your network

  • Collaborate online using virtual multi-head microscope
  • Zoom & annotate images with consistent field between viewers
  • Review special stain and IHC results immediately online
  • Export slide image directly into your report or presentation
  • Utilize images via web for tumor conferences and teaching
  • Review images directly with patients & other clinicians to discuss clinical care

Have your own slide imaging system?
Send your consults to KDL digitally for almost immediate results

  • Second opinion readily available, ‘on-demand’
  • Avoid couriers, mail, tracking and handling
  • Increased efficiency=cost savings
  • Shortened report delivery time
  • Concordance review

KDL Online Teaching Collection
View a mix of interesting, challenging and illustrative dermatopathology cases actually diagnosed at KDL

  • View annoymous patient cases online through portal
  • Approved residents and students receive KLD login/password from KDL or approved partner institution
  • Teaching cases are found in navigation panel of portal under ‘shared cases’
  • After viewing, check your diagnosis against the KDL Dig Path Slide Answer Key (pdf)

User Guide – KDL Digital Pathology Portal

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