Pathology Services



  • Evaluation and pathology of all skin and mucosa biopsies and excisions (including oral and genital)
  • Margin evaluation
  • Sentinel node evaluation
  • Hair and nail examination
  • Immunohistochemistry & special stains
  • Immunofluorescence studies (including blistering diseases, lupus erythematosus, and vasculitis)
  • Facilitation of molecular diagnostics and immunophenotyping studies

Surgical Pathology

  • Routine evaluation of general anatomical tissue biopsies (including bone marrow, breast and gynecological biopsies)
  • Complete reporting of prognostic markers (including Her2, ER/PR)
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) and evaluation
  • Facilitation of molecular diagnostics and immunophenotyping studies ( reflex testing as needed)

Ocular Pathology

  • Pathology of ocular disease, biopsies and surrounding tissues

Client Services

Your Specimen is Our Priority

  • Pre-printed requisitions with barcoded labels for specimen/practice identification
  • Collection and transport kits provided
  • Prepaid shipping service, outside region
  • Regional courier services provided, free of charge
  • TAT within 24 hours of specimen receipt (for routine pathology)
  • Direct digital image upload to KDL for more accurate diagnosis
  • Secure online access to reports

Physician Practice Solutions

  • Patient education materials available
  • Patient-friendly billing policies
  • CME training available
  • Slide Preparation available
  • On-site FNA and bone marrow collection available
  • Melanoma cases reported for physicians to the TN Cancer Registry

News and Events

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FDA approves Erivedge, the first drug to treat advanced basal cell carcinoma. Story

Diagnostic Update

KDL now providing FDA-approved BRAF testing for all metastatic melanomas. More

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