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Histochemical Special Stains
•Acid-fast Bacillus, Kinyoun’s
•Alcian blue / PAS
•Alcian Blue
•Amyloid, Congo Red
•CAE (Chloroacetate esterase)
•Diff-Quick Giemsa
•GMS, fungal
•Melanin Bleach
•Melanin- Fontana-Masson
•Mucicarmine, Mucin
•Oil Red O
•PAP (Papanicolaou)
•PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff’s)
•PAS w/ diastase
•Reticulin/Nuclear Fast Red


Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
•CD45 (LCA)
•CD117 (c-kit)
•Chromogranin A
•Cytokeratin Cktl (AE1/AE3)
•CK 5/6
•CK 7
•CK 20
•CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
•E. cadherin
•Factor 8, VIII
•Factor 13a, Xllla
•H. pylori

•HSV 1&2 – Cocktail
•Mart-1, (Melan A)
•MPO – myeloperoxidase
•Napsin A
•NKlC3 (Melanoma Assoc. Ag)
•Podoplanin (D240)
•Prostate Cktl (CK5/CK14/P63)
•SMA, smooth muscle actin
•SMMhc (Smooth Muscle Myosin)
•Treponema Pallidum (Syphillis, Spirochete)
•VZV (Varicella Zoster)

Immunology/Molecular Studies
•B Cell gene rearrangement
•T Cell Receptor gene
•Flow Cytometry
•BRAF Mutational Analysis

**Other testing available on request or as needed

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Diagnostic Update

KDL now providing FDA-approved BRAF testing for all metastatic melanomas. More

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