Specialized Pathology for Podiatry

Diseases of the lower extremities require specialized medicine.
Shouldn’t a specialist be interpreting the biopsy?

KDL’s board-certified dermatopathologists provide unparalleled diagnostic interpretation and clinician support for all types of skin, soft tissue and nail disease, allowing podiatrists to provide the best possible patient care.

Specialized Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis of skin lesions, soft tissue, bone and nail disorders
  • Flat fee for routine fungal nail plate biopsy (H&E + PAS). Contact client services for more information
  • Nail bed, matrix and apparatus biopsy interpretation available for tumor and inflammatory skin diseases

Concise Reports, Delivered Fast

  • Diagnostic reports available ≤ 24 hours
  • Dermatopathologists readily available by phone for consultation
  • Access reports securely online, with no software to purchase or install

Unparalleled Client Services

  • FNA procedure training for clinicians
  • FNA interpretation, with physician office collection available
  • Complimentary billing of Medicare and Third Party Insurance*

*KDL Pathology is committed to high quality, affordable patient care. As such, we are a participating, in-network provider for laboratory and pathology services on all major medical plans. We are sensitive to the fact that some patients have no insurance or high deductible insurance plans and maintain patient-friendly billing policies.

News and Events

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Diagnostic Update

KDL now providing FDA-approved BRAF testing for all metastatic melanomas. More

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