DermPath Consultation Services

Laboratories trust KDL to interpret problem skin and ocular cases, shouldn’t you?

Physicians and pathologists from across the U.S. consult KDL dermatopathologists for diseases including problematic pigmented lesions, immunobullous disorders, unusual cutaneous neoplasms, and inflammatory dermatoses. Patient slides, blocks and reports may be submitted by practitioners or patients to KDL for second opinion, consultation orĀ  confirmation of diagnosis.

At KDL, we give each case the concentration it requires. The ability of more challenging cases to be quickly reviewed by several specialty pathologists immediately on-site enhances the speed and quality of the diagnosis. In addition, analysis of many skin disorders requires the special staining and tests found only in a specialty lab.

Consult An Expert When You Need It

  • Board-certified, fellowship trained sub-specialists (dermatopathology, ocular pathology)
  • Second opinions on biopsy results
  • Consultations on difficult or unusual cases
  • Reports include therapeutic recommendation when warranted or requested
  • Reports integrate histology, ancillary testing, patient history and clinical features
  • Uniquely qualified to perform correlation between clinical and histologic findings
  • KDL Pathologist who signs out your case is always available by phone for direct consultation

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